Donations Please

This weekend is TECHO’s annual fundraising extravaganza. All the TECHO volunteers work shifts on street corners all around the city asking for donations. Additionally there is a push in advertisement, for example while watching the debates a few days ago a commercial for TECHO came on (shown above). The first few seconds of the commercial are of the campamento in Maipu I had visited the week prior located next to the canal used for dumping trash.

Sunday morning I spent a several hours with two of my cousins, Sofia and Mariana, holding a small wooden box on a street corner asking every car waiting for the light to change if they would like to donate.



With a sack full of change we headed back to the TECHO office for a long night of cleaning up and counting change. We collected the thousands of stickers, box houses and shirts and packaged them all up for next years fundraising.


It took hours but with loud music, burgers and endless candy and soda, as well as good company of course, it ended up being a lot of fun. A ton of volunteers were there to sort all the change that had been collected all weekend long. I’ve never seen so many coins in my life! My hands turned black after touching all the money, it took at least five washes to get them clean. We were there until a half hour past midnight when we decided to head home but the counting was still in progress. People were probably there for at least a couple hours after we left. I guess I’ll have to wait for tomorrow to find out if we reached our goal!


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