Right back to Business

Monday morning, bright and early, ready for another day of productivity. Today was the final stretch in document collecting before turning in all the paperwork of the families from several different camps to SERVIU in order to process to the next step in applying for permanent housing. It’s exciting to see this tedious process come to some sort of conclusion (for now at least). Everyone in the office was organizing and checking that all the necessary information was filled out correctly and then they were off to drop off the documents. After a busy morning attempting to fill in for Sofía, who is sick at home, a big bell in the center of the office was rung and everyone gathered on the wooden bleachers in front of the large projector screen.

Every Monday all who work at the TECHO central office gather for the Ampliada (that translates to extended/enlarged/magnified) where the office is given a chance to, altogether, debrief what happened the week prior and also share anything that is upcoming and new. The presentation today was especially cool for me because I had been involved with almost every part. They started by showing a news video, available with the link below, on the opening of the new permanent housing project that I attended last week. (Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the background of any clips shown in the news but I was there to see it all happen!) After the video, a few individuals shared about how fabulous the day went and how the families were so grateful for all that TECHO had done for them. This made it so that those who weren’t able to attend the ceremony could get a feel for what it was like. Everyone clapped and was happy to share in the excitement of the project’s success and completion. Then, one of the architects who works upstairs talked about and showed the plans for a project that is going to be built in the near future. He displayed a picture of what it was going to be like and explained the dimensions of each building complex. To end the presentation we discussed what was raised from all of our fundraising efforts from last weekend.


We came very close to our goal. We raised $264.277.182 (which is about 517,682 US dollars) almost reaching the goal of 300.000.000 pesos. While we didn’t quite reach our goal, we raised significantly more than last year so that was very exciting. In the graph above the fundraising is separated into regions, each with an individual goal in which many were surpassed.

It was awesome to see all that had been accomplished in the short two weeks that I have been working here. I’ve been told that not every week is like this but from what I can see and from what I hear TECHO does some really incredible work here in Santiago making a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives. I feel very fortunate to be able to see it happen right before my eyes. Good work guys!


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