Day 1 – Embarking

In preparing for my 10 days of construction I fortunately had my cousins, who had all been apart of some similar program that involved sleeping in a high school, so they all helped me prepare and pack so I would have everything I needed for my adventure. I’ve done a lot of camping in my life but I have never done something quite like this so I really didn’t have much idea what to expect. I was able to borrow my cousins backpacking backpack because all I had was a suitcase. I loaded it up with t-shirts, jeans, pajamas, long underwear and all the other necessary layers that would hopefully keep me warm enough during the cold nights (they didn’t…) I went shopping for the logistics like snacks and toiletries, I knew not showering for 10 days would be a challenge in itself so I bought plenty of baby wipes and hand sanitizer to hopefully help ease the filthy situation.

After a long shower and huge lunch, my cousin and I, joined by three more of my cousins to see us off, headed off to the bus station to meet the people we would be spending the next week and half with. My cousin Sofía was able to arrange it so that we would be going to the same school, which was awesome so I could spend my last couple days in Chile with someone from my family. After arriving to the bus station and signing in, we headed over to auditorium to watch a video and listen to the introductory speeches, made by some of the staff and volunteers of TECHO, to get us pumped for the trip we were about to embark on.

ImageThen we all met with our schools where we would be sleeping and loaded the buses. We left at 9PM, stopped once for dinner and then continued all through the night until we arrives around 7AM to our new place of residency for the next 10 days! I slept most of the time but sleeping on buses is never the most comfortable so I was exhausted when we entered the school. This all night bus ride leads us into day 2 of the adventure, where the real trip begins. Here we go! Image


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