Day 6 – Saying Goodbye

Woke up this morning feeling grateful, but missing my shower. I’ve been wearing a hat lately that not only keeps me warm but also covers my unwashed, greasy hair. Today was our last day working with our first family and tomorrow we will be meeting our next family who we will be building a home for. It was a bitter sweet day, we were excited to finish our first house and present it to the family but were sad to say goodbye after the past 3 days of bonding and building relationships. We spent most of the day finishing the roof. After finally finishing as the sun began to set we presented the house to Senorita Juana and celebrated the inauguration with chips and cookies on the floor of their new home. Several members of our team gave speeches thanking her for opening her home to us and allowing us to help her. It had been such an amazing experience for us to get to know her and her family and work to construct their new home. She responded and thanked us for all of our hard work and explained how fortunate she felt to receive this new beautiful home.Image

Because today marked the transition period from one construction project to our new one, after dinner we all gathered in the cafeteria where in the middle of the room there were different items used throughout the past couple days for our construction. For example, there was a mini hut with boots, tools, and food, along with other items that together were meant to represent our adventure thus far. The lights were off and Sofí spoke which gave us the space to reflect silently as candles burned in the center of the room in honor of each family that we were helping to build a new home for, each with a unique history and unique circumstances. This moment of pause allows all of the volunteers to take a minute to reflect on the fortune, opportunities and advantages in life that they have. Sofí then sang a beautiful song to the group and we were given time to write something meaningful such as a phrase, idea or thought on pieces of paper in the middle of the room or just meditate on the experience thus far. This moment of refection was meant to be a regroup before we start our experience with the new family in the morning.


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