Day 8 – Time to Buckle down and Get down to Business

After one of the longest, most physically strenuous days, getting up the next morning wasn’t the easiest. However, as I had been doing the past 7 days, I woke up at 6am and made it to the cafeteria bundled up in all the jackets I had brought with me. When we took the bus this morning back up the steep hill to continue our work, I realized what terrible shape my hands were in from all the dirt scrapping and accidental hammer hitting. Despite the pain, we were being very productive. We got the floor in place in the morning before lunch and finished with the walls around 11pm. We even had time for a midday dance party on the floor.


In the later part of the night we were invited for tea with a family that lived in a nearby house. It was very kind of the family and by that time at night I was very hungry and cold so the tea and sandwiches were perfect! Today and yesterday we had much less time than we did the last house to get to know the family because they lived far away and only came by in the evening. Our family however was very nice. The children were always excited to help by digging and hammering.




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