Day 9 – Final Day of Construction

Today was the day for us to put on the roof and specific to this house, it was our job to construct the windows and the doors on our own rather than just doing the installing. The warm sun came up in the early afternoon and remaining shining for a large portion of the day. This was a pleasant surprise compared to the previous days of construction. Good thing we had the walls up to create some shade to keep us from overheating as we worked. The whole project was really coming together as all the houses lined up next to each other started to look more and more like a neighborhood.


Another interesting aspect about an organization and program only run by youths to add to what I mentioned earlier is the making and enforcing of rules. The conversations when having to do with punishment are rather unique in that they aren’t authoritarian in any way. Yes, rules are rules and for this trip there were only three, No drugs, No alcohol and No sex (basically no rock’n roll). When one of these rules are broken the protocol is known by all participating: your parents are called and you are immediately placed on the next bus back to your home as well as losing the privilege of participating in any TECHO events for the next two years. The only reason I know this is because 2 members of my team were caught with drugs and sent home the day before our last day. In the afternoon, the leader of our school came to talk to our group to make it clear what had happened. He explained that he is only 21 and when there are young people enforcing the rules for the 86 other 15-18 year olds it is important for the rules to be clearly enforced. Everyone signs a paper saying they with sustain from doing these three things for just the 10 days that they are here. It was unfortunate for our team especially because it was crunch time and these two guys were our main roofers from the last construction site. Fortunately for us with the help of some other groups, everyone knew it would be possible to finish. Our whole team was a little upset but understood the consequences that needed to take place for the poor decisions that were made by the boys.

The day continued to get more and more pretty as the sun began to go down the full moon began to rise.


We worked all day to put together the roof and assemble to doors and windows but the doors were surprisingly extremely time consuming. We had to chip wood away from both the door and the doorframe in order to make an indent for the hinges to fit and it had to align perfectly. We ultimately ended up staying at the site until midnight working on the final door, boy was I exhausted. The inauguration that was scheduled for tonight was postponed to the morning because we couldn’t complete the house in time.


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