So…did you actually build houses?

After coming back home and explaining to many that I worked in Chile for an organization that provides housing for the poor, the most common questions that follows has been “Did you build any houses?” After five weeks of working at the central office in Santiago and visiting communities all around, I was able to experience another side of the organization when I went on the 10-day construction trip to actually build houses referred to as “Trabajos” or “Secondarios”. I didn’t have my computer during this experience but I tried keeping detailed notes to document the week (although at times I was extremely exhausted and couldn’t keep it up). Here is my account of the construction project I was involved in, followed by my experience working with the office in Santiago.



One comment on “So…did you actually build houses?

  1. Mariana Davanzo says:


    I am so proud of you! You found a wonderful organization to be a part of and you did a fantastic job of documentation. You have such a big heart and tremendous drive and energy to want to help to make this world a better place. I’m happy that you had a good time, that you you got to know much of your extended family, that you made new friends and that you (and Techo) have accomplished so much! Keep on with all your good work and with your enjoyment of life.

    I Love You,

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